Stereo multi-touch tabletop interface

Immersion has developed as part of the EU’s V-City project, a collaborative tabletop interface to interact with 3d city environments. The prototype was shown at Siggraph 2010. The multi-view support allows two users to view different viewpoints of the model at the same time from the same 3d mockup.

2 thoughts on “Stereo multi-touch tabletop interface

  1. Jennifer Fernquist, student at the Department of Computing Science at the University of British-Columbia (UBC) has developed another extraordinary software planning tool for multitouch-tables, the Neighbourhood Pattern Creator:

    In my opinion, multitouch-tables provide great potential for participatory group work because the interface allows much more collaborative work than traditional interfaces. Therefore, the Decision Theatre at the Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at UBC will host multitouch-tables for planning purposes as well.

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