PhD Funding for green space smartphone App

The PhD is closley linked to the Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature project
The PhD is closley linked to the Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature project

Funding has become available for a PhD, which will investigate whether a smartphone App can encourage people to spend time outdoors.

The PhD, Can a smartphone App promote therapeutic interactions with the natural environment? is closely linked to the three-year Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature research project, which is being led by the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape.

The successful applicant will support the development of a smartphone App, evaluate the efficacy of the App as a data collection tool and work closely with project partners to explore the potential for the App as a green prescription.

Based on data collection via the smartphone App, the project aims to answer the following research questions:

• Which types of urban natural environments are most effective in delivering health and wellbeing benefits?
• What level of exposure to natural environments (duration) brings about benefits in health and wellbeing?
• How does quality of experience in nature impact on he benefits?
• How do individual differences and demographics mediate health and wellbeing benefits?
• What are the differing impacts of natural environment exposure on mental health service users and non-users?

Applicants should have minimum of a 2:1 first degree in a relevant discipline/subject area or a Masters in a relevant discipline/subject area. Applications are open to UK, EU and international students but University fees will only be waived up to the UK/EU maximum. A stipend starting at £14,296 and rising in line with RCUK rates will be awarded annually.

To find out more please email Director of Research Anna Jorgensen or the PhD supervisor Olaf Schroth

You can apply online via the University’s online system:

Applications will close on 30th June 2016.

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