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Don’t forget that from September 22 – 24, 2009, Karlsruhe will host the INTERGEO, one of the world leading geoinformation conferences and trade fairs. This year, Biosphere3D is among the presenters and many other new products from the field of GIS can be expected. For more information, please visit

One thought on “Intergeo 2010

  1. I went for a short visit to Intergeo 2009 and noticed that again one major theme is 3D data acquisition and 3D data processing. However, I wonder how many of this small companies will be there in five years.

    I had an interesting talk with Chris Andrews from Autodesk regarding the roadmap for LandXplorer. He told me that there will be an update by the end of this month. The next major release, LandXplorer 2011 will be coming in the first half of 2010 and 2011 a new version with redeveloped core will be brought to the market. LDX 2011 will include support for .fbx and collada import and export and enhancements on the fdo interface. So I am looking forward to test the new version.

    I also noticed that AED SICAD and SYNERGIS seem to have made an alliance. It looks like the market for GIS solutions is just getting to be a market between very few companies. However, there have been several interesting presentations and solutions around Open Source GIS applications.

    Another interesting product for all those who do 3D visualization might be Blaze View ( from a small Israeli company. It seems to be a very powerful 3D Viewer capable of handling unlimited large rasterimages and terrain data sets. They also provide a demo version of the software so that it can be tested. The demo does not support terrain data, though, which is very sad.

    Well, I have not spotted any extraordinary new or innovative product or technology but it was an interesting 4 hour visit.


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