REAL CORP 2010: CITIES FOR EVERYONE: Liveable, Healthy, Prosper /// 18-20 May 2010, Vienna / Austria

CITIES FOR EVERYONE: Liveable, Healthy, Prosper
Promising vision or unrealistic phantasy?
The role of Urban Planning and Urban Technologies on the path towards improved Quality of Live, Health, Sustainability and Prosperity in our Cities

will be the topic of

REAL CORP 2010 – 15th International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society


Vienna / Austria from 18 – 20 May 2010,

The CALL FOR PAPERS is open until December 23rd 2009 (abstract, approx. 1000 characters; full paper until Feb. 28th).


CITIES FOR EVERYONE: Liveable, Healthy, Prosper!
Promising Vision or Unrealistic Phantasy?

Cities are places of competition, stress, inequalities, traffic jams, environmental stresses and strains and permanent struggle.
Cities often are an aggressive environment, not only for children, the elderly and the weak.

But even more then that cities are the centers of economy, culture, creativity, science and innovation and therefore provide the best perspectives and biggest chances for many people—CITIES ARE ATTRACTIVE!
Meanwhile more then 50 percent of world population lives in cities, soon it will be about 70 percent.

Is this a promising vision we should work on or is it an unrealistic fantasy? Is it possible to keep and even improve the advantages of cities and reduce the negative effects? Or does the one require the other?

What are the possibilities and contributions of URBAN PLANNING and REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT?
And where can ICT, URBAN-, TRANSPORT- and ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES help to improve quality of live, health, sustainability and prosperity in cities.

Some of the major aspects and questions to be dealt with and on which we invite you for high-quality paper submissions are:

· Examples and Visions of „Liveable Cities for Everyone“

· Keeping Balance: Managing Complex Urban Infrastructures

· Housing and Real Estate perspectives, High-Tech & Low-Cost Housing

· Perspectives for Future Transport and Mobility

· Re-mixing the Urban Fabric, Future Housing and Working Environs

· Urban and Environmental Technologies to improve Quality of Life

· Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in the Urban Context

· Healthy Cities / Health in Cities

· Safety and Security vs. Privacy and Total Surveillance

· Data, Information and Knowledge Infrastructures for Planning, Management and Decision Support

· Understanding Cities: Tools and Technologies to support Decision Makers, Citizens and Experts in their Understanding of Cities

As REAL CORP 2010 is co-organized with ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners ( and REAL VIENNA, the CEE/SEE-focused Real Estate and Investment fair (, it is an explicit goal to enhance the experts-dialogue between Real Estate Business, Urban Planning and Technology Providers.

There will also be a buisness-exhibition and possibilities to present companies and products – if interested please contact us per email at

is a joint event and co-organized by

* CEIT ALANOVA – Central European Institute of Technology, Department for Urbanism, Transport, Environment and Information Society (,
* CORP association (
* ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners (
* REAL VIENNA, the CEE/SEE-focused Real Estate and Investment Fair (

It would be great to welcome you to Vienna in May 2010 as a speaker or participant.
As usual, complete information and latest news is always available on the website

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