PhD scholarship in 3D visualization technology and environmental perceptions in landscape and urban design at NMBU – 16/01199

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (ILP) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is announcing a 3 year PhD fellowship position for a qualified candidate in the topic: “The role of 3D visualization technology in testing environmental perceptions in the context of landscape design and urban planning processes”. 3D and visualization methods have yet to harness their full potential as research methods for testing the reactions and perceptions of users to particular environmental conditions and qualities that favour livability in various urban design contexts. Much environmental psychology research occurs either in the field, through audits and site observations, or in a laboratory, relying mainly on pictures or other static forms of landscape representations. 3D technology has yet to be used to bridge the gap between laboratory and real-life experience, and would allow us to collect data across a variety of geographical contexts, and without the need for expensive site visits for all subjects.

This PhD project would strengthen research on digital applications in landscape architecture and urban planning. The aim is to explore the potentials and challenges associated with 3D digital tools and visualizations when applied in the areas of urban design, urban systems planning, landscape design. The research will make use of a collaborative research environment at ILP by cooperating with other researchers and sections. In addition, the VR-Lab will be used as arena to facilitate the research work experimentation with new technologies in sharing knowledge, increasing interdisciplinary collaboration, and engaging users.

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